You’re getting married! Huge congratulations!

You’ve bought the ring and popped the question, now comes the real planning and the consideration on what you’re going to wear.

I’ve produced this guide as a source for inspiration and to answer some frequently asked questions. We see around 100 couples a year and catered for everyone from the Groom, best man, groomsman, fathers and brothers and the bride.

Hopefully what follows helps inspire your wedding outfit and if we can be of service, I look forward to hearing from you

The Look

In Scotland, we generally work on three styles of outfit;

  • Traditional Highland
  • Classic Suit
  • Black Tie

The style or theme of your wedding or venue will probably dictate the outfit and some environments are naturally better suited to certain styles; black tie works well abroad; kilts look great in country estates and suits can work well in contemporary venues. But that’s not to say you can’t mix that up.

Traditional Highland Dress

A well-fitting kilt, jacket and waistcoat can epitomise Scottish elegance and there is plenty of scope to add your own unique twist to the classic.

A Wedding is a morning event and traditionally requires morning attire, that means Prince Charlie jackets and anything black is out. Instead a slightly softer day jacket should be worn for a look that is formal enough yet befitting of the event.

We generally pair out handmade kilts with tweed jackets and waistcoats; we have a curated range of colours and patterns to choose from and one of our signatures is to pair the jacket with a waistcoat in a different material; this adds a subtle layer of individuality to your outfit.

Classic Suit

Kilts aren’t for everyone and a classic suit is a great alternative.

A few things to consider with suits; most importantly is weight of fabric. Think about the time of year and climate, a three-piece Harris tweed suit isn’t going to be comfortable height of summer or abroad. Also, think about the style of the venue, do you want to have a suit that ties in with the surroundings or something completely different.

With a suit you really have the pick of the bunch in terms of fabric colours and patterns. Matching them can be difficult but it’s something we’re great at.

Black Tie

The traditional rules of black tie are to make the wearer look as good as possible with little fuss.

Black tie lends itself to fabrics like velvet, mohair, silk or cashmere. Satin lapels, braiding and other finishing touches add a luxurious element to any black-tie outfit.

Contemporary cut tartan trousers are great for this style and can act as a way of connecting the traditional tartan wearing at a wedding yet in a contemporary fashion.

Working on black tie outfits is fantastic, there’s an elegance and after hours feel to evening wear that you don’t get with other suits

Finishing Touches

Often overlooked, the accessories of the outfit can help elevate a good look to a great one.

  • You cannot go wrong with white; it goes with every outfit and always looks crisp and sharp. Sky blue or pink would be my own other suggestions. Make sure you buy a good quality shirt for the day; it will make you look and feel better.


  • Tie; I’m old fashioned and think a tie should be worn at a wedding, the styling though is up for discussion. Think about straight tie, bow tie or cravat (a real cravat not a ruche tie) consider texture, pattern and material as well as colour. Often a block colour in an interesting texture like knitted or slub silk can make all the difference.


  • If budget permits go for new shoes. Black oxfords go with most suits, but country style venues would allow for brown or black brogues to match a tweedier suit.

Remember to break in new shoes before the big day!

  • Pocket square: a plain white cotton (or silk for black tie) is perfect but subtle colours and patterns work as well. Remember you don’t want to over-complicate the outfit so keep it simple.

Get in touch

At Hunter Kingsley we’re proud to work with so many happy couples and to play a part in their big day is truly an honour.

If you’ve been inspired by some of the images in this guide, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.