How to dress in heat

After publishing the Complete Guide to Groomswear I’ve had a lot of grooms asking specifically about getting married abroad; particularly around fabrics that are lightweight but look great.

style vs comfort

There doesn’t have to be a compromise with how you feel and how you look. That said heavy wool blends and tweeds are out; lightweight mohair, cashmere and linen are in.

Fabric is made from natural fibres being twisted and spun into yarn then woven into fabric. Fibres like merino and cashmere have natural wicking properties, meaning when the material is close to your skin it draws out moisture and lets it evaporate. Synthetic materials and blends don’t have this quality.

It's all about the cloth

For weddings in hotter climates I would always recommend mohair for a formal feel or linen for a more relaxed look.

Both fabrics are lightweight enough to keep you cool but look super sharp.

Mohair lends itself to black tie style looks and “tuxedo” style jackets; my advice here would be to avoid things like velvet collars or heavily patterned waistcoats, instead look at either dark and rich fabrics like midnight or even black or fresh and light colours like ivory, cornflower blue or dove grey. Pair this look perfectly with crisp white shirt, bow tie and patent shoes

Linen is a softer fabric and offers a more relaxed feel; although sharp clean lines can be achieved, this look is best suited to open collar shirts and loafers with no sock.

We’ve worked with a number of grooms getting married abroad and in hotter climates where we’ve ensure the client doesn’t just look amazing but feels confident and comfortable on the big day.

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