Initial Design Consultation


Whether you’re ordering Bespoke or House Style, each suit starts with the initial consultation.

Enjoy a closed door private consultation with Alan Moore, our director and principal designer.

He will discuss what kind of suit you’re looking for, picking fabrics and designing your own bespoke suit. You will be measured up and all the information will be passed to our tailoring partners who will get to work on your suit.


First Fitting


Your bespoke suit will come back as a shell, hand stitched together without the final details and construction. At your try on we will pin the suit around your body to ensure the fit is perfect and unique to your body shape.

Our tailors then take it back to cloth; where they re-cut and re-make the suit adding finishing details such as linings, pockets and buttons.

(Note that this stage is not included in House Style Suits)


Final Fitting & Collection


Your bespoke suit will be returned to our studio ready for collection. We ask you to try it on to make sure it fits perfectly and that you are completely happy with your new suit.

If all is well, we hang your new suit on a beautiful wooden hanger and wrap it in one of our unique suit covers ready to be taken home.

If there are any final alterations to make at the end we can have them done locally and turned around in a matter of days.




Our suits are made from the finest natural materials such as lambswool, merino and cashmere, which although robust, as not impervious to wear.

To prolong the life of your suit we advise that it’s always hung on our wooden hangers and kept in our garment bag within your wardrobe.

We recommend dry clean only for all our suits due to the natural material of the outer and inner fabrics, however this should only be done every so often.



If you’d like to visit us and commission a suit, start by completing the form below and we will get back to you to confirm the details.

For more information have a read about the process of tailoring or have a look at some questions from previous customers.

If you’re still not sure, or have any other questions get
in touch with us studio@hunterkingsley.com

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