Ayr seems an unlikely place for luxury, but after a year in our studio we would beg to differ.

As we approach 7 years in business we also celebrate a year of being based in Ayr. During the last few years we’ve moved studios as much as any small business does when finding their feet. Being based in Glasgow for the last 6 years, we’ve never really settled on a space that catered for our every want and desire, or found a space the fulfilled it’s potential.

Initially based above a popular restaurant in the Finnieston area of Glasgow (before gentrification)  we were forced to move on as the smell of moules frites and the Bob Dylan soundtrack became unbearable. We then moved to the North of the City (hoping for gentrification) where we shared a space with some amazing artists and designers in the infancy of a new studio. Again this space seemed selfish, very creative and expressive although we hadn’t done enough to make customers feel comfortable and eventually moved to a more central location. Over in the East End our last studio looked over the South of Glasgow, absolutely stunning views which I still miss today. This space promised the world but didn’t deliver; there were security issues, no heating, water coming through the roof and being on the fourth floor certainly didn’t prove comfortable to our growing customer base. A break in whilst hosting customers was the final straw and put the wheels in motion to look for yet another space.


I recently got into listening to podcasts when I’m out with the dog, specifically The Entrepreneurs series by Monocle Magazine and their latest episode E-Commerce to Bricks and Mortar strangely epitomises my thought process in moving the business to Ayrshire. As I’ve built the brand I’ve always been focused on experience, either through how we showcase our product or the product itself. As that philosophy has developed and refined, I wanted to have a studio that was a comfortable, relaxed environment for customers to experience our high standards of customer service, design and products.

Having only moved to Ayr a year previously, I had no intention of moving the business there. I thought the town was too small and it would be too hard to get customers to come through from Glasgow. I’ve found this to be completely wrong and finding the studio had a certain serendipity about it. Walking through the town, trying to get my bearings I chanced upon the studio on Miller Road; a newly refurbished Victorian town house, with spaces to rent.

We moved into 8 Miller Road in November 2016 and it’s been our busiest year to date, with January 2018 being the best month we’ve ever had.

As we steadily gain a reputation for contemporary luxury tailoring, great customer service and a relaxed, knowledge lead approach to retail we are gradually gaining customers from across the whole West of Scotland. We’re not on the High Street and never intend to be. The philosophy is still the same as it was in our small studios in Glasgow although now we put the customer’s comfort first. Ayr is an unlikely place to find luxury, but as the Finniestons of the world can attest; experience isn’t defined by geography.